Replacement of Certification Body

If you are already certified and are looking to change certification body, we can help you with a smooth takeover. The transfer of a license may occur whenever a certificate period has ended. It therefore does not require a renewal audit for a takeover.

We have very experienced auditors where many of us have a university degree and over 10 years experience in the certification and third-party audit. Many of our auditors also have a working experience in the field in which the client operates.

Audit of takeover

Our work begins with a discussion to identify where the certificate period you are located and to get an overview of your management system. Following initial discussions conducted a complimentary takeover audit. Our auditor make a system review, follow up reports of earlier divergence and comments from the previous certification company, as well as discuss further what future audits should focus on. An advantage of the certificate is best done at your follow-up audit or at your recertification.

Nordic Certification work according to a method that is unique in the market. We believe that the certification process should not only result in a certificate. We also want the company to widen the gaze from customer and stakeholder perspective and focus more on your success factors.

Nordic Certification will not only deliver a certificate to, but we want to also come across as a highly skilled and productive partner. Our focus on your management system generates an economic value for the company.

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