ISO 45001 - Environment and occupational, helth and safety

The legislation on safety and health are becoming increasingly strict. Overall, the trend towards a better working environment: Organisations' economic policy development and personnel management, and other tools are increasingly being used.

It thus becomes increasingly important for any type of organization to achieve a good working environment. This is done with the help of examinations of carried out improvements to the business, products and services. It is also important to demonstrate to owners, employees, customers and other stakeholders that the working environment is good and constantly improving. The attention of the stakeholders in these issues has increased.

Improving the work environment provides a sustainable development and new challenges. Another advantage is that your organization's status is raised. The certification process is a proof that your organization is a responsible employer.

There are additional benefits of a certification. Firstly, it ensures that your organization deals with occupational safety and health management. Second, it provides a certification clear and valid objectives for the work to improve the working environment. An overall picture of completed risk assessments, safety inspections and other investigations form the basis for the formulation of goals for your organization's environment.

Nordic Certification is accredited for certification to ISO 45001 and is audited against ISO 17021-1 "management system certification" of SWEDAC.

Benefits for your organisation:

  • Easier to show that rules are followed
  • Certification shows commitment to long-term planning
  • Increased motivation for Health & Safety
  • Easier to show that you are at the forefront when it comes to protecting personnel, property and equipment
  • Constructive partnerships between employers and employees
  • Methodical work on continuous improvement of the working environment and prevention of security vulnerabilities
  • Fewer accidents
  • Delegated responsibilities provides greater awareness and less security risks
  • Prevention is less costly than correcting errors afterwards

What does Nordic Certification review?

Nordic Certification examines and reviews responsibilities. Interpretation and monitoring of current regulations are also checked. Your organization's goals and improvement are being reviewed. Another important aspect to be examined is the cooperation between employers and employees. Internal audits and risk assessment of the work environment are also examined.