ISO 9001:2008 / ISO 9001:2015 - Quality management

What characterizes today's successful business? A hallmark is quality. Quality in the internal work, in relationships with customers and delivered products / services.

Nordic Certification auditors have more than ten years of experience in helping companies achieve certification to ISO 9001. Prioritization of quality is a key to our success. Another is a close cooperation with the customer, in order to adjust certification services according to customer needs. In this way we achieve results with the certification of companies with the most diverse conditions.

A certification by Nordic Certification is a way to show, both internally and externally, the company is dedicated to systematically improve quality and exceed their customers' expectations

Nordic Certification is accredited for ISO 9001 certification and is audited against ISO 17021 "management system certification" by SWEDAC.

Why certify your company?

Benefits of certification:

  • Fewer misunderstandings, corrections and complaints
  • Management is working systematically with the development and improvement
  • Prevention initiatives instead of corrective actions
  • The staff becomes involved in quality work
  • The need for second-party audits "kundaudits" decreases
  • Your company meets the frequent customer requirement certificate
  • Your company and its products are gaining more confidence

The benefits of a certification can be seen immediately in the business in the form of

  1. Higher Productivity
  2. Better precision in control of operations
  3. Lower costs
  4. Staff a better understanding of the big picture
  5. Increased competitiveness
  6. More power to focus on the right things

The ISO 9001 is well established and accepted by the market worldwide. Certification also means responsible behavior towards customers, staff and shareholders. ISO 9001 is a way to focus on constantly improving your company and its management.

With our audits from Nordic Certification, we examine the following

We put an extra emphasis on the management system generates a commercial and economic value for the company.

  • Management responsibility and commitment
  • Target outcome of the goals
  • Customer Feedback
  • Internal audits
  • Analysis of collected information
  • Improvements, corrective and preventive actions

Specific focus areas planned for the audit may include the marketing and sales process, design and development, production, logistics process, purchasing process, document and records and, where applicable, measurement and test equipment.

Results of our audits

Our audit results will give you opportunities to improve the business and economic value of your business. We also want to demonstrate the strengths and weaknesses of your business and give you opportunities to improve the business further. Our audits show, of course, if you follow the requirements of the standard according to your descriptions how business is conducted and how you apply your processes.

We at Nordic Certification attaches particular importance to the management system generates a commercial and financial value to your business.