ISO 22000 - Food Safety

Food safety is to be able to enjoy the food without having to worry that the food is not good for your body. There is a significant focus on food safety among authorities, legislation, consumers, manufacturers, as well as the media.

This places high demands on all stages of food handling. To ensure the products safety it is necessary to structure, control and documentation the production. In this ISO 22000 provides valuable support.

To conduct business activities in accordance with ISO 22000 is to systematically control and document its quality and safety. But it will also lead to more efficient production.

Short on ISO 22000:

  • it covers all stages of food handling
  • it bridges the industry and national boundaries
  • it focuses on the responsibilities
  • it focuses on communication
  • it is a common terminology, which improves efficiency and reduces the risk of misunderstandings
  • it aims to achieve maximum safety with minimum costs.

Nordic Certification fulfills the requirements of ISO 17021 management system certification.

Why choose ISO 22000 certification?

ISO 22000 is a certified documented business management system. The work is based on the internationally accepted HACCP principles. The certification also means that traceability is ensured forwards and backwards in the food chain. Through systematic control, improved processes and reduce errors in production is increased efficiency. A management system according to ISO 22000 is accepted in most food-related industries in more than 40 countries. The certification also means that the business is managed in a systemic perspective rather than a product-oriented perspective.