ISO 14001:2004 / ISO 14001:2015 - Environmental Management System

Environmental work which is correctly done and communicated involves important advantages for your company. This kind of environmental work:

  • improves the relationships with customers and the community
  • provides goodwill
  • provides effective cost savings
  • contributes to a better level of profit and competitiveness

For your company to be able to operate under ISO 14001 in a smooth and efficient way Nordic Certification will be working with your company through out the entire certification process. The goal is the continuous improvement and development of your EMS.

Successful environmental work also means that the work must be communicated effectively. A certification by Nordic Certification enables you to internally and externally show that your company meets the specific and recognized environmental standards

Nordic Certification is accredited for ISO 14001 certification and is audited against ISO 17021 "management system certification" by SWEDAC.

Why certify your company?

  • Efficient use of materials, energy and waste - Lower costs ·
  • Staff becomes involved in environmental work - Provide knowledge and motivation
  • Fulfilment of a common customer and market demands - Increasing the competitiveness and increased confidence in the company
  • Systematics and documentation - Provides order
  • Market advantages - A certification for ISO 14001 provides clear market advantages
  • Confidence to customers - An ISO 14001 certification inspires trust and creates better internal order
  • ISO 14001 is well established and accepted by the market worldwide.

ISO 14001 creates focus on constantly improving your company and its management.

Our audits results in giving you opportunities to improve the business and economic value of your business. We also want to demonstrate the strengths and weaknesses of your business and give you opportunities to improve the business further. Our audits show that you follow the requirements of the standard according to your descriptions how business is conducted and how you apply your processes.

Nordic Certification attaches particular importance to the management system generates a commercial and financial value your business.