CSR 2000 Certification -

for the responsible company

Nordic Certification offers the product CSR 2000 Certification. Is your company certified to ISO 14001 and / or ISO 45001 you already have the basis for CSR 2000 Certification. The product is based on international guidelines from ISO 26000, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 as well as ISO 9001. The requirement documents have been prepared by the Certification Committee of Nordic Certification.

A CSR 2000 certification is based on a responsible business. Our requirement documents can be ordered in PDF format under "programs / order" from our website by entering Code: CSR 2000:2012. Cost in pdf format 995 SEK Exc.

CSR 2000 Certification is based on the following requirements:

  • Corporate Governance
  • CSR Statement
  • Aim for social responsibility
  • Reporting of CSR
  • Identification and monitoring of laws and regulations
  • Management of comments from Stakeholders
  • Human rights
  • Working environment
  • Environment
  • Ethical aspects
  • Responsible business practices
  • Local community work
  • Monitoring and enhancement of the CSR work.
  • Information to management and its accountability

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CSR 2000 Certification