About Nordic Certification


Nordic Certification uses several auditors to cover up all the areas that we operate within.
Currently there are Nordic Certification offices in several locations: Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö / Lund, Jönkoping and the newly opened office in Linköping. Currently, we are a about 55 auditors that covers the whole of Sweden.


Nordic Certification offers one of the market's leading certification and educational services. This is achieved through high skills and through an intimate and close cooperation with the customer. The outcome of our processes and our work will contribute to enhanced business opportunities for our clients.

Quality Policy

Certificates from Swedish Certification Nordic AB will be based on customers' needs, requirements and expectations and to comply with all applicable accreditation standards and other requirements documents.

Our services in certification and training to be perceived as one of the market leading. Market confidence in our training and issued certificates to be high, both nationally and internationally.

We must actively and continuously analyze customer needs and requirements in order to constantly improve our service now and in the future.

Environmental Policy

Environmental work at Swedish Certification Nordic AB, shall be transparent and holistic approach and be proactive and seek continual improvement. We work for the sustainable development of society through internal improvement and supporting our customers in developing their management system.

This means that we:

  • doing environmental work an integral part of our business and long-term planning;
  • develops and offers high quality services, tailored to the community and our customers' needs in terms of activities and products,
  • deliberately and systematically develop our auditors environmental expertise,
  • stimulates our employees through continuous information about environmental issues and about our shared environmental,
  • conserve resources and continually informs and evaluates our suppliers to join them in driving environmental progress,
  • adapts and improves our travel behavior to reduce the environmental impact of these
  • follow the laws and regulations applicable to our business.

Statement of Impartiality

Nordic Certification conducts certification business. Certification activities are governed by rules that include specifies the manner in which it is permitted to engage in activities other than the certification business. This second activity could be termed "consulting".

The "consulting" means rendering of services which include the provision of information or training to organization. Swedish Certification Norden AB is not involved in the development of management systems in companies applying for certification of Swedish Certification Scandinavia AB.

On request the services of Swedish Certification Nordic AB evaluates CEO / COO, or marketing manager, in consultation with staff performance, whether it is possible to carry out the task without impartiality or integrity is questionable. If the evaluation shows that impartiality can not be questioned given quote for the job.

You are allowed to organize and participate as a speaker and as an educational leader in training, provided the information or training is of a general nature and is available on the open market.

It is not permitted to:

  • prepare and produce manuals, handbooks or processes;
  • participate in decisions regarding management;
  • give specific advice of any kind whatsoever (including financial) in the development and implementation of management systems or product prior to any certification.

Should the inquiry is such that it does not relate to information or education that is permitted under the relevant regulations, but activities that could lead to the impartiality and integrity questioned Information shall be communicated to the person concerned.

Michael Persaud - CEO / Auditor

Certification Committee

To ensure an impartial certification process is a certification committee composed to examine Swedish Certification Nordic activities on issues related to certification. The Board has high expertise in management and the industry and product that Swedish Certification Scandinavia operates. Here is a brief presentation of the Advisory Board.

Certification Committee is composed of the following persons:

Arne Juhlin, ledamot

Adam Eriksson SCABs representant i kommittén

Stefan Enblom, ordförande

AnnHelen Kraft, ledamot

Lennart Ljungh, ledamot

Eva Lindblad, ledamot

Therese Göthberg, SCABs representant i kommittén

Lena Q Olsson, ledamot

Michael Persaud, VD

Christian Plamboeck, SCABs representant för Brand & Säkerhet

Lars Ihd, Ledamot Säkerhet

Peter Sääv, Ledamot Säkerhet

Björn Almberger, Ledamot Brand